We are deliverying the 12th Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology (#AOSFST2021) on a combined virtual conference platform using OnAIR and Gather Town.


OnAIR provides an incredible reach, which means that we can deliver a great virtual conference experience for delegates and speakers. OnAIR is unique and special as it is a 100% integrated platform. For AOSFST 2021 we bring together the possibility to navigate through the various parallel session, pre-select the sessions you want to see, and directly access conference papers when attending any given session

Instruction to attendees

This one is simple, registered attendees will receive an email with login details for “Virtual AOSFST 2021” using the OnAIR platform (see the video on the right). From there you will enter into a Welcome to AOSFST 2021 page where you’ll be able to add or modify your profile information; we ask you to upload a profile picture and check your existent information. Most features inside OnAir are available before the start of the conference, we suggest you take time in advance of the event to navigate around the platform and even select the sessions that you wish to attend.

During the conference, presentations will be streamed live and a live Q&A chat will be made available, the chairs will read from this chat and take your questions to the speakers at the end of each presentation. Inside each of the sessions, you’ll see a link to the section of the proceedings containing each of the papers presented in that session. All the papers will also be available on the homepage (the initial page showing the agenda for the event). At the end of each day, the video recording for each session will be made available on-demand inside each session room.

Also, during the conference, we will provide live support (access at the top-right of your screen) in case you need any help.

Instruction to speakers

Each speaker will be allocated 15 min for presenting + 5 min of Q&A. Join the session where you are presenting at least 15 min before the start of the session, and follow the instructions in the video on the right. When connecting into OnAIR we advise that you use Chrome, make sure you are using a wired/stable internet connection, and don’t have too many things running in your computer. The required steps for presenting are:

  1. We recommended using a slide size is 16:9. No template of the slides is available for this conference.
  2. Open your presentation on PowerPoint or similar ().
  3. Open Chrome (or preferred browser) and log-in to OnAIR using your personalised access details that you received in a personalised email.
  4. Using the timeline, locate your session and enter the session at least 15 min from the start of the session.
  5. Once in your session, you’ll have the option to present (click the button at the bottom of the screen). When asked to share your microphone and video, please follow the instructions here
  6. You will then be invited by the conference organiser to enter the “Preview Room” before going into the main stage. This will be a chance to talk with the conference organiser and chair of your session.
  7. To share your screen (or PowerPoint window) please click on the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Once ready, the conference organiser will allow you into the main stage for you to give your presentation followed by a live Q&A chaired by the session chair.

Instruction to chairs

Join the session where you are chairing at least 15 min before the start of the session. Once here you see a similar platform to that used by speakers (see video above). While chairing, your role will be to (1) introduce the speakers before the start of the presentation and 2) chair the Q&A sessions following each presentation. A session manager will moderate the questions in the Live Q&A which you will be able to follow up at the right side of the screen.

Gather Town

Gather Town is an online platform where attendees can create an avatar to navigate an interactive social space, and move around and interact with other attendees, just like during a conference in real life. This can be used for academic meet, catch-up, discuss and debate with other attendees and speakers attending AOSFST 2021. Gather Town is our chosen venue for social interactions between all delegates and speakers at AOSFST 2021!